Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Where.Is.My.Mind (Prompts)

I have had a lot of inquiry about prompts to utilized for our filter activity (here). They are really no secret so, I figured the best way to share was to give them to everyone!


Really, when you need to think of what prompts to do for this project, it’s simple. There is a reason why this activity is something you choose for your client. Think of things they have already said!

·      “My parents make $_________ dollars a year!”

·      “Sometimes my mom farts really loud”

·      “I think your shirt is ugly”

·      “That zit is really big! Does it hurt!?”

·      “When are you going to have your baby?”

·      “Eww your breath smells!”

·      “I really like that shirt on you!”

·      “I like your new toy, can we play together?”

·      “I hate you”

·      “You’re annoying me”

·      “My mom thinks you don’t know how to do your job”

·      “Great job on the test!”

·      “I got such a better grade than you!”

·      “Ugh, I really wish _____ wasn’t in our group for the project!”

Y’all get the idea! :) What are your favorite prompts?

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