Monday, December 15, 2014

Four things to do with a four year old client

Working with the the little ones can be pretty tough.  It takes some creative work to help them understand what the are working on and why, while you are staying with the treatment plan goal.  

Obviously lots of play based activities are a must, but here are some other activities to try!

1. Hands are not for hitting. Tracing hands, or body is a way to help young kiddos understand using a more hands on, sensory focused activities.  We traced, named and practiced these alternatives to hurting others. 

2. Finger puppets.
Assign a color and an emotion for each puppet, then role play

3. Feelings Masks.
Put a different feeling on each mask and then role play

4. Red light/Green light/Yellow light.
This is great especially when you are in safety situations such as crossing the parking lot. Add in yellow light so, they understand when to be cautious.  

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