Monday, October 20, 2014

Guys, Be Strong...Like Beyonce.

There has been a lot of silence on the ole blog this past month...Katie and I have been busy with our group starting back up and myself starting into grad school...but, the biggest change is what I am here to talk about today....

 But first, let us listen to this throwback....


....Wait,'s NOT right in the end, Green Day! Whaa! 

Guys, we have some bummer news....

A few weeks ago we learned our jobs are coming to an end.

We are sad too, small child

Optum took over last year and with it...we took a hit. To say we are unhappy about this outcome and the impacts it has had on our clients and the mental health community of Idaho, is an understatement.  Smaller and Non-Profit agencies who support smaller CBRS/PSR programs, have been hit the hardest. Ours being one of those. Thankfully Warm Springs Counseling its self will still remain and continue to provide an array of services to children and adolescents in the Treasure Valley.

 The blog will still be around but, activity will be slow (just a heads up) as we begin graduating clients and moving out of this 9-5 (Ha! PSR humor, we never work just 9-5).
We still have a few posts to get through so, be on the lookout!

And now...some songs to get you through.....

Whats that Boys II Men? I know, it IS hard to say goodbye!

We love you all and thank you for your support on this silly little website!

Sing it Whitney! 

See you guys in the funny pages, 
Katie and Stacey


  1. I know how you feel! I work in the Treasure Valley as a PSR/CBRS and we have taken a hit as well.

    1. It's hard--no denying that. Hope you are able to pull through!

  2. Every agency that provides CBRS through Optum has taken a hit. You either get client's hours cut or they do not approve them at all.

    1. Tell me about it! Not going to lie--I am worried about trends in mental health in the valley. Oye. Hopefully everyone will keep fighting the good fight. But, although it's hard right now--positive change can and will happen in the future! (I am the optimistic sort :) We just can't give up!

  3. Hi! I don't know you, you don't know me, but your blog has been such a HUGE resource for me over the past few years that I had to stop by and say thank you :) I work for a non-profit that provides social skills groups for kiddos with all types of disabilities and social issues. We design and plan our own curriculum, and I have used so many of your great ideas and activities since discovering this blog. They've been a hit with our group members and their parents, so thank you for having taken the time to share all these awesome resources. Good luck in whatever comes next!!

    1. Awe--make me tear up why don't ya! ;) Thank you so much for your kind words. When we started this whole deal, it was on the simple idea of sharing what we know and it makes us so happy to hear how it has been utilized! Keep rocking, it sounds like you have been doing great work! This is not the last y'all will see of Katie and I in the valley so, keep an eye out : )! Thank you again, for your support!