Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Keep it simple, Stupid
JK, that was a little harsh...but, really sometimes ya gotta keep it simple, y'all! 

Wanna know what I did here? I took a frisbee, ya see...Then my client and I brainstormed some emotions, and I we wrote them down on paper, folded 'em up and...oh, yes, you guessed it, taped 'em right onto the frisbee! 

Then we tossed it back and forth, side note: We most certainly are not pros and have horrible aim-but, that made it much more fun! ; ) 

When we {actually/finally} caught the frisbee, the person picked an emotion (at random) then acted it out for the other person. Then we would toss it some more and discuss when they have felt that emotion and what coping skills work best. 

Hope everyone is having a lot of fun in the sun! Remember! Sunscreen is your friend:)

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