Saturday, June 7, 2014

Great expectations

This nifty idea came to me when I was reviewing even very simple decision making with a very impulsive client.  For example: "ok kiddo, we are about to walk near the river on this trail, stay next to me and please do not run into the river like last time."  Seems obvious right? Well, not to a client who is extremely impulsive and really struggles to think through decisions.  

We made these for my client to keep in her mom's car, reviewing with her and mom expectations as well as places they go fairly often.  We then named what behaviors are expected in the different environments, practicing by going to most of these environments over several sessions.  Last I laminates these cards with packaging tape (a cool and very cheap trick Miss Stacey taught me).

This has so far helped my client out a lot, and can change with any expectations or environments.  I will be making these for my car as well.  

Have a happy day!

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