Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Broken Record

ASD kiddos often get stuck--like a broken record they keep coming back to the same thought, point, subject, etc.

Glitter makes everything fancy! 

The one my kiddo made, during his free time, because he loved the idea so much! Oh, these kids! 

My client and I made this visual to use during session to remind him (non-verbally) that he's getting a little stuck.

It doesn't require words, a simple change of the record. As we go about the session and they are able to stay 'off' the hot topic, the record spins. Katie had a great idea and put little 'other topic' ideas around the record, to help 'change' the 'tune' of conversation. See what I did there? Har Har Har!

But when they go back, it jumps right back to the start. Make it through the whole record in a session? By golly you got yourself a piece of candy! Or for my client, we keep a tally...when they reach five--Hey-O! Freeeee daaaayyyyy! 

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