Friday, April 18, 2014


Easter almost slipped right past us! You'll have to forgive Katie and I....we have so much going on at times, that this poor blog sometimes get sad with lack of posts!

We posted this last year Easter egg hunt! You can use it in a number of ways....put coping skills inside, social skills (then have them role play), or as Katie did, put feelings inside! I also have done this and sometimes put a little candy in a few : ) Makes for a fun surprise!

You can also utilize the same concept of building Santa's beard with cotton balls--but make the easter bunnies tail! You can do this with listening skills (have them follow along while you read a book and ask questions to get a cotton ball) or with feelings find (go to the mall and go on a 'feelings' scavenger hunt).

Send out vibes for great weather tomorrow, Katie and I are running The Race to Robie Creek ....self care, people! Remember to take time to still do the fun stuff!

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