Thursday, March 6, 2014


I had this brilliant flash of an idea today. So, logically I told Katie to do the activity with her client and take picture for me! 

First off, have you guys heard of self-adhesive laminating sheets? I just discovered them and, let me tell ya, it's pretty much been a game changer for me. 

First have your client draw out their angries or write out things which trigger their anger. 

Have them laminate them and cut them out. Now as you are talking with them about these angries and how they make their bodies feel, start to tape them all over their arms, tummies, heads any place they feel their anger. 

Now the fun part!! Have them practice a coping skill, then let them whack, tear, smack, off the angries until they are angry free! 

Little unclear pic here but, Katie also had her client write coping skills on little stir sticks and the used those to flick those pesky angries away! After practicing the coping skill, of course. : ) 

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