Monday, March 3, 2014

Let's Chart This!

The red/yellow/green system has been used and used and used. So, why not use it some more! Jokes aside, it is incredibly beneficial to learn what tools/systems are being utilized at a clients school, especially is they are successfully. Keeping constancy in expectations, reward and consequences will make everyones life so, so much easier! 

This is exactly what I did here. My client has a color level system at school. So, at home, we gave 4 levels, each color level means certain rewards or consequences. We put magnets on the back of my clients 'self portrait' to make it an easy to move piece. Throws a tantrum? That'll land you in red! Cleans his room without being prompted? Hello purple (and a treat)! 

This also helps parents in not having to answer a million times what you kiddo may (or may not) be able to do at that certain point. I.e. "Oh you want to go play with your friend? Hum, shoot, looks like you are in yellow and that is not allowed." Then you can direct them back to the color they are on. 

With this same family we also utilized a money system. I don't have any pictures but, on a chart every chore has an amount attached to it and every 'privilege' (watching t.v., playing with friends, playing on the ipad, etc) has a price. The prices are smaller/larger depending on the chore/privilege and are very reasonable and age appropriate. I love love LOVE that system! She bought a bunch of fake coins (from the dollar store) and they have a little jar that the money goes in, as he earns it. Then when he asks to do certain things, she directs him to the change jar. If there isn't enough they have two choices, either look at how they can earn money to get what they want. Or go without. But, guess what? He ALWAYS asks to earn the money! WIN! 

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