Monday, January 27, 2014

How Do We Say Goodbye?

CBRS is not meant to be forever--our goal is to teach our clients to be independent, which in turn means goodbyes are inevitable.

Some clients come and go into services very quickly. But, some we end up working with for years. Ending that relationship can be hard, realistically on both parties, I mean common--you'll miss some of the buggers!

I try and make the last session as relaxed and client focused as I can. We review lessons learned during our time together, if you have started  journal with the client, this is a great time to go back and look through it together. Also focus on moving forward--its a BIG shift for a kiddo to not have you there every week to tell them to shape up! Give them resources they can use if they start to struggle again, a crisis phone number, help them make of list of their support system, things like that.

I have done the usual over the course of my time, bowling, trips to a candy store or to get ice cream. We have also made art collaborative art pieces together that they can take home with them. I did that project before the ole blogarino was started so, unfortunately no pics of that project. I am sure I will do another one, someday and will most defiantly share!

I was strolling through Hobby Lobby the other day with Katie and we came across make your own nesting dolls. LIGHT BULB! How cute would that be to make with a client as a final session. The smallest doll is when CBRS first started, you can have the client create the doll to represent them at that point.  On each doll write out things you learned along the way (that makes them bigger and stronger with more knowledge). The final doll is them right now. I haven't made one of these yet but, as soon as I do, you know I will be postin' it!

You can also make a reminder of how far they have 'grown' with a little soup can planter!

You'll need:

Soup can
Construction paper
That green foam
Fake flowers/plants (you can use real buuttt...those least in my house, whomp whomp)

I just had my client draw things on the side that reminded her of CBRS while we talked about our time together. You can also add a little quote, note or drawing if you would like. Remind them to put it somewhere special, where they can use it to remind themselves of how much they have grown!

What fun things have you done when a client has graduated?


  1. This is a great idea! As a school counselor I run several groups a year, some very long in duration and it does get very hard to say goodbye. I am join to use this idea for the last session of group!!! Thanks for sharing!!