Saturday, November 23, 2013

Name Change?!

SOOOOOOO.......for those of you who are wondering.....
Along with wanting to reach a broader audience,
There were recent changes in Idaho to mental health services and the name PSR changed.... along with many other things...(whomp, whomp)
To (drum roll) CBRS or Community Based Rehabilitation Services (mouthful, huh?). 
Most of the guidelines have stayed the same (in regards to how you become qualified for this position or for services...but, that's another post...)

We are still going to be here though, same party time, same party channel! 

 Stacey and Katie 


  1. Whoa! When was this change made? Two months ago, I was hired by Progressive Behavior Systems and signed a contract stating I would get my certification through USPRA (I'm guessing is the "PRA" in the disclaimer) within 30 months of being hired. Hmm, this is very interesting news to me. Would love to hear back from one or both of you ladies! Thank you! :-)


    Josie Untalan
    PSR, S.T.R.I.V.E Program at Filer High School

    1. In Idaho these changes happened at the end of October. You may still have the same requirements as when you were hired if doing PSR in another state.

    2. FIler is in ID right? It might depend on requirements set forth by your agency, they could still require it, because it is very helpful. But, as for current ID rules, under Optum (no longer Idapa), no PRA certification needed (their name used to be USPRA but, they changed their name PRA a few months back..nothing to do with Optum on that one..can't recall off the top of my head the reasoning...). I would ask your employer for clarification. : )