Saturday, September 14, 2013

Problem solving: bubble style

Challenge:  To make a bubble successfully with the materials you have. 

Possible PSR interventions:  Problem-solving, frustration tolerance, focus, and working as a team.

Materials: string, straws, pie tin, dish soap, water

Process: Provide client with materials, and prompt them to use their skills to create the biggest bubble they can that will float

Intervene as little as possible, you are there as a resource only. 

Then wait and enjoy watching your client use the skills you have taught them.

Follow up with questions and processing on what skills they used, and how they can use these skills in their every day life!

As much as we would like to claim this as an original idea, it actually came from a super awesome book: 104 Skills That Build as previously posted by miss Stacey. Check it out!

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