Monday, September 30, 2013


Can I say how much I love this song? 
I also love cookies like the Cookie Monster. NomNomNom

I used this adorable video to teach/review STAR (stop/think/act/review) and the ever popular IMPULSE CONTROL! 

After watching the video you have a lot of options on how to practice those skills Mr. Monster is singing about. 

You can play: 
Red light Green light
Simon Says
If you have a remote control car, set up an obstacle course they have to work through
Checkers (this classic is awesome for STAR practice)

 Create a visual aid representing the steps in STAR 
Have them draw their own 'impulse monster' and identify some coping skills..

You can also: 
Play the 'mean PSR candy waiting game' (I named this myself)

Basically, you take 4 pieces of candy (or a marshmallow), tell your client they can eat one now--BUT--if they wait (until end of game end of session, etc) they can have all 4. 
(They will look like those guys. :)

(here's the link) 


  1. Cute video! I wanted to share that JENGA and Don't Break the Ice are also great for practicing thinking before acting (and slow, careful bodies). Also, setting up plastic bowling pins (or empty plastic bottles) on the floor for kiddos to navigate. Oh! And talking about things the kiddos are really interested in and them practicing waiting until an appropriate time to comment (as opposed to interrupting and shouting out).

    1. Yes, those suggestions are great! Thank you Sara!