Tuesday, June 25, 2013


It's already the end of June?! Holy cow this month is flying by! Well, today I am showing you some really really simple art project you can do!

String Art-Take India ink or black paint and put some in a cup. Cut a piece of string about 12-15 inches long and have your client dip the string in the cup, get it covered! Have them slowly (i.e carefully!) take the string out and drip/drag/blot whatever they want, all over the paper. While you let the paint/ink dry, take your feelings sticks--you know those fancy popsicle sticks with emotions on them--and have the client pull one out. Discuss the feeling they chose then prompt them to 'find' that emotion in their string art! Do you see a face? What about an animal? Maybe swirls of color?

Scribble Art-(Katie has mentioned this before) Same as above with the string art but, a different look (and easier, i.e less messy for younger kiddos). Have you client scribble all over a piece of paper. Have them pick out a stick from the feelings sticks and, you guessed it, discuss the feeling they chose! Prompt them to 'find' that emotion in their scribbles! While they color we usually talk about how they decided on the image they chose, as well as triggers and coping skills.

Easy as making instant pudding!

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