Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mixed feelings

Yet another color-labeling-feelings-activity, but with a little twist!  

I had my client use a cookie cutter, but really could use anything (using a cup or circle can also give you the option of painting various colors in the overlapping spaces to talk to older kids or adults about more complicated feelings).  

Have your client label those feelings colors, reviewing how we can feel more than one feeling at a time, then use your chosen painting tool to overlap emotions that they can name they have felt at the same time.  

Ask your client to name examples, and ask them ways they have dealt (or could better deal if needed) with overlapping or mixed feelings.  

You can also use this as an empathy exercise, using the overlapping colors and feelings as a visual for examples of when others feel differently about a situation.

So sorry we have been slacking friends, hope you have had a great Memorial weekend.  Now back to work!

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