Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I Got That Tunnel Vision For Ya...

Psh--Totally not a Justin Timberlake reference in the title to this blog! Ok it is...MOVING ON!

Do you have a client who can't focus?! Wait...Pretty sure most of my clients have a hard time there... SQUIRREL! 

I saved myself some TP and paper towel rolls (Pinterest makes you a hoarder, ya know?) and we turned them into some home grown binoculars!
These are a great way to teach your client about 'tunnel vision' and how to work on their focus! After we made them, I had my client wear them while I read a book. AND! If you ask questions throughout the book, it forces your client to make eye contact and keep their focus because the binoculars (obviously) have a limited viewing if you don't move your body! 

P.s...I used the velcro to keep them together, but also give flexibility for the wearer. All about the comfort people! (and the learnin') They are also fantastic for goofy grins and being silly in public (because who doesn't giggle using binoculars in public?)

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