Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Executive skills part 3

So you have pinpointed what executive skills the teen you work with is struggling in.  Now what?  Here are some suggestions and strategies to help work toward improving the skills these kids need to succeed.

-Establish a routine, including getting things ready for the next morning.

-Help parents understand where their kid is developmentally, that they will struggle to regulate themselves, wake up early and focus. This understanding will help the overall stress of the household.

-Teach them skills to become more independent without overpowering or completely backing off.

-Help them brainstorm ways to help in the morning, such as setting up their favorite music, or setting the alarm across the room.

-Reward system for keeping their room, locker, car and backpack organized.

-Lists a reminders- get creative...fridge, microwave, mirror...change it up.

Include what they need to remember the next day in a specific area in the house.

-Have a list of rules and consequences that they help list and brainstorm.

-Give a time limit for a consequence, requiring they follow through right then and there can lead to to further stress and unnecessary conflict. Emphasis to teen and family the necessity to allow time to calm down.

-Weekly goals they establish themselves (homework, exercise) then reinforce the positive feeling they feel when they complete or follow through.

-And of course keep teaching those relaxation, calming and coping skills!

The main points this book makes is to understand where these kids are coming from, and to help them come up with a plan to practice practice practice!!! Don't forget to check out Smart  but Scattered Teens.

Hope this helps! Happy kids + Happy parents= Happy PSR workers!

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