Thursday, May 9, 2013


Bullying is a HUGE issue among my clients and kids all over right now. Anderson Cooper was a part of a special on the Cartoon Network, who aired Lee Hirsch's documentary "Bully."

 "In the award-winning documentary “Bully,” filmmaker Lee Hirsch embedded himself in schools across America and captured footage so raw and eye-opening, it sounded alarm bells and helped create a tipping point about how critical the issue of bullying has become." 

A book I found that was great for younger clients, was Don't Laugh at Me, By Allen Shamblin

After reading the book we identified the 'bully' behaviors  then made a visual aid that showed postive behaviors  We also practiced what to do if they see someone being bullied. 

Bullying is an ongoing topic with all my clients, the video and book have been great to keep the conversation of how to be positive friend, not a bully! I hope these can help you and yours!

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