Thursday, April 25, 2013

How do we see ourselves?

I'm sure most of you have seen this, but if you haven' should!  

I first saw this as a result of a comment on our blog, but have since seen it all over Facebook, Pinterest and have been told to watch it several times.

The main point is that we see ourselves differently than others, and are far more critical of ourselves than others.  

I have watched this with my teen clients, and although I am not a forensic artist (yet), there are a couple of activities to try out in supporting the video. 

1. Collage time!!!  Create a two sided collage of words or images your client chooses to describe themselves  then create one on the other side of how you or others see them.  This can also be done with family members. 

2. Take a picture of your client, or choose one they already have.  Write words to describe your client, focusing on ways to describe or things that stand out.  Have your client do the same thing, or both of you can write in different colors.

3. Magazine facial features.  This will obviously be a silly and not so accurate physical description of a client, but can be good for a few laughs.  Cut out clippings of facial features to describe your client, have them do the same, then put them together to see the difference. 

4. If you and your client can draw, go for it!  Even if one or both of you is not super talented in the drawing area, there will still be differences you two can talk about.  

Enjoy the video, and thanks again for the recommendation!

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