Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Executive skills part 2

Executive Skills part 1

According to Smart but Scattered Teens , an awesome book about learning and developing executive skills, there are 11 different forms of executive skills.  Take a look at these brief definition to see which skill your client may be struggling with.

Response inhibition:  These kiddos struggle with impulse control, or stopping and thinking before they act.

Working memory:  Remembering simple things such as a coat or backpack, but also being able to recall information while completing tasks, testing for example.

Emotional control:  A consistent struggle with PSR clients, and just how it sounds.

Flexibility: Rigid much?  Does your client really struggle with unexpected situations or problem solving on the spot?

Sustained attention: Within normal limits, these kiddos really struggle with their attention span, or to absorb information that is an age appropriate amount of time.

Task initiation: Some kids can problem solve and have a picture in their minds of ways to start a task, and some kids struggle to know where or how to start.

Planning/prioritization:  Pretty self explanatory, can your client complete their goals or at the very least have a good understanding of ways they should be spending their time?

Organization: Now we (most of us) struggle with organization, but this is if the lack of organization is really affecting their schoolwork or daily lives.

Time management: Again, as a reminder these kiddos who have plenty of potential and ability, but are having a hard time to the point of great frustration or is causing their activities or schoolwork to suffer.

Goal-directed persistence:  These kiddos really struggle to follow through and give up easily.

Metacognition:  This is the ability to look at things from a different perspective, and to be able to take a step back from the situation in order to re-approach the problem.

Which areas is your client struggling with? Part 3 will give you some tips to work on some of these skills.

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