Thursday, March 7, 2013

Worry Stones

Air dry clay? More like awesome clay! P.S just saw, you can also make some at home...(here's the link)
Anywhoo--take some of the clay---roll a smallish amount into a ball (not to small--not too big)
Now you are going to take the ball and gently press it between your fingers--making a thumb 'pocket.'

What you are left with is a perfect little fit for your thumb! We painted them before waiting for them to dry (yeah, we have a hard time waiting when excited...).
For some reason, the pictures taken of the final product didn't save.. blog fail!
But, have your client paint them in any fun way they want.

You can also have them write coping skills on the stone too!
Once it's all dried (2-3 days), take clear nail polish and paint some on the thumbprint side. This gives a nice smooth surface for many hours of worry rubbing!

Clients can utilize these for worry stones, stress or anger stones, fidget tools--anything they want! These little buggers are fantastic--My younger sibling was given one of these by my mom when we were kids--she still has it to this day! I even made one for myself during this session. : ) Happy Soothing!