Friday, March 1, 2013

What's Your Worth?

I did this acitivity with a teen client to address the subject of self-respect.

I cut out dollars and cents (you could also buy some at the dollar store and color on them).

After we dicussesd what self-worth means in various context, we began dicussing what self-worth means in regards to her.
I gave my client the blank money, prompting her to identify things/people etc about her that are worth something and then to give those things a monetary value.

Afterwards we discussed the values she chose and why. this activity offers an interesting opportunity for the client to visually see where they are placing value (of themselves). For example, my client only gave her happiness a 25 cent value, this opened the door for a great discussion on why she thought it was worth so little (she didn't even realize she put her happiness so far back until I pointed it out). Sometimes we need a little 'eye opener' to see where we could change the way we see ourselves. This could work for goals (what value does this goal have to me?) or in teaching about healthy relationships (giving value to those around them based on the pros/cons they offer, etc).  Maybe some of us adults should do this sometime too : )

Happy Friday!!

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