Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Understanding, it works.

Holy heck! Where have I been since last Friday?? Not here it seems....a little PSR PSA for ya--Kids are germy! So, make sure to wash your hands, take some zinc and vitamin C, get rest and listen to the new Justin Timberlake CD (yeah, I am a fan, I said it--guilty pleasure :))'s what has been getting me through this week and being sickly. All my kiddos are also sick..what came first? Mine or theirs? The world may never know....

Empathy is on the agenda!
I tri-folded a piece of construction paper, then drew different shoes on each flap. I drew them on the top, to leave room for writing and tried to make them as varied as possible.

I then had my kiddo look at each shoe and tell me a gender, age and a word or sentence, that would describe the 'wearer.'

After they describe all the shoes, have them explain why. What identifiers did they use? Color? Wear? You can then  discuss how we never know what a person is eperiencing until we see life 'in their shoes.' To take it a step further you can have them draw their own shoes and have them describe what they wish people knew about them if others saw life in their shoes. My client was really detailed in her story about each shoe--not so much of a writer, so being able to talk to her about what she wrote opened a lot of opportunities for talks of empathy, judging 'books by their covers,' and bullying.
Stay classy (and not sick!) my friends!! 

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