Monday, March 4, 2013

Around The House

Sometimes we think and work way way harder than we have to. Fidget toys are all around us! GENIUS!

Heres a list I started:

Velcro (strips, the little dots--kids love rubbing and playing with them!)
Play dough
Bouncy balls
Balloons (but they cant blow them up)
Alligator clips
Pipe cleaners
Smooth stones/rocks
Beads (they can make a necklace that they can use as fidget toy later, too)
Rubber bands
Plastic straws
Dog toys (umm, not used--that should be obvious--:) they are bumpy and fun for kids too!)
Paper clips
Ribbon/String (I have a client who will just sit there and tie knots)
Snow globe
Crayons and some construction paper (This is one I use--totally not at work meetings--I doodle when I am fidgety : ))
Toy cars
Elastic band (or yoga band) tied around the feet of a chair (you want to tie it so the kiddo can press against it and use their legs to play with it)

How about y'all? Any fidget toys you snagged on a whim to keep a kiddo busy and focused?


  1. Depending on where you are they love bubble wrap. There's also an app for phones or tablets that's bubble wrap where you get to pop them just the same and I've had them like that just as much as the real stuff

    1. Oh, yes! Bubble wrap! How could I forget that?? That's stuffs awesome. Thanks for the info on the apps--I will have to check them out!