Thursday, February 28, 2013

Worry Dolls

These were a lot of fun, and the kiddos were able to come up with some very unique and adorable support dolls. 

As a group activity, we came up with an outlet for worries, loss or anxiety.  This is a similar concept to angry pillow, representing an object that can not be hurt or judge, but will listen to any worries you may have!  

Stacey and I did this project with a group of kiddos of all ages, and was successful and fun for all of them.  As an added surprise, this actually went well with the boys in the group too!

Materials we used were wood doll and clothespins from the craft store, felt, markers and yarn-but can be created with anything you can find around the house.  Other ideas can be to create an environment or safe place for your worry doll.

Have a fun and worry free day!!

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