Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Facts

Welcome to Friday Facts, a new (and hopefully consistent) weekly post including a fact, tip or article having to do with development, diagnosis or anything helpful for a PSR worker!  Stay tuned and happy Friday!

#5: Did you know most (with exception to Spectrum kiddos) children do not understand sarcasm until they are between the ages of 12 and 16 years old? Before this age, if they are making sarcastic comments, it is most likely they are mimicking sarcastic remarks they have heard.  Have a client who is struggling with this and other language nuances?  Check out this sight here.

#4: Ah, the tattle-tale. This article was floating around Pinterest, which covers the topic of tattle-taling. It offers a different perspective on why a child does it as well as how we as adults can better respond. It definitely made me go, "Ah! That makes so much sense!!" 

Re-Thinking Tattling

#3: This is a great article about the difference between a temper tantrum and an Autistic meltdown. This article makes a lot of sense, and has been a great resource for parents.  Take a minute and check it out!!

Meltdown vs. Temper tantrums

#2: Did you know, there is eye therapy for disconnections between the eye and brain? "thousands of children who are tagged with the "learning disability" label actually have correctable problems involving eye muscles or a disconnect between what the eyes see and what registers on the brain." 
Check out this article!

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