Monday, February 25, 2013

A Case of The Mondays...

Show of hands...who enjoys a good punch to something (safe!) when we are angry? *Raises hand*

I am willing to bet every kiddo I work with...even some adults out the relief a good punch can give when needing to decompress.
This activity gives you just that!

Grab some Jenga block--or pillows, or cardboard brick...whatever ya got--just make sure it won't cause injury to punch! Talk with your client about how anger build up and without a release it keeps adding start to stack those blocks. Prompt them to build with you and while you build identify things which trigger anger for them. When you get a good structure going have them stop and begin the discussion of coping skills (you see where this is headed?) Have them pick a coping skill and practice it...them BLAM! Knock over the stack of angry--KaPow! 

Whew! Doesn't it feel good to blast those angries out?! Heads up--This one is often requested to re-build and do again ; ) 

Happy Monday!! 

1 comment:

  1. My kids like playing Don't Break The Ice....I think it's a good one for both anger because you get to hammer out the pieces, and the thinking before you act/impulse control because you do have to be strategic in how hard/where you try to get the blocks or you'll be the one to make the bear fall through. Lol some of my kids at first seem to think it's called break the ice cuz they just want to see how many cubes they can make fall each turn. My girl had a massive tantrum at her house yesterday while I was there and getting to play this at the very end after I finally did get her to work she said was a good stress relief for her.