Thursday, January 24, 2013

Oh, Hello!

Oh hey there! I know, I know--long time no see. Katie and I have been busy busy bees BUT! We haven't forgotten about y'all.

I wanted to share some awesome resources! 

First is the website: 

Books That Heal Kids--This website it amazing! The blog author is a elementary school counselor and she finds some great books! She also gives you a run down of the story and how it can be used. She also has a whole mess of topics to chose from. Ah-may-zing!

The second resource is a TV show:

I am sure you have seen the shows---the nanny type shows. Well they are actually a really good resource! My personal favorite it the Super Nanny. She has a lot of great, simple and effective ideas and methods. She isn't elaborate or over the top--she is straight and to the point. There are free videos of the show all over the inter-web too--Hulu, and (of course) YouTube had tons.

Hope everyone has a great Thursday (and everyday of course!)

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