Monday, January 28, 2013

Calm Corner

Find a corner in your client's house or room for a retreat to calm down.

This can look like anything that will work, but needs to be an obvious break from anything overstimulating around the house or environment.  I have helped clients create calm corners with a sheet and hoola-hoop, a box, or with a blanket underneath a table.  Basically where the client feels comfortable and calming.

Pair the calm corner with a box of calming tools to help while they are in the space.  This is a good spot for activities and tools such as squeeze play-dough balls and calm jars, or other activities you have done during your sessions.

One thing to keep in mind is to make sure parents and caregivers understand that this area is not a place for a consequence or punishment, but a place they want to go and use on their own.

I have also used the calm corner during sessions to begin or help clients refocus.  If you have a kiddo who gets a little excited when you get to the house (sound familiar?), use the calm corner to help both you and your client!

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