Monday, December 31, 2012

Treatment plan flash cards

Have you ever asked your clients why they are in PSR, or what they worked on that day? Most responses I have gotten are "I don't know..."

This is very much a self-awareness idea, empowering your clients to take charge of their goals and objectives by making them more involved in their treatment. 

This includes helping your client be more aware of what they are working on, and helping resistant clients understand how to get rid of you(if you complete these goals, we don't have to work on them, ta-da!!)

This is something that can be altered for different age groups, but can be helpful for all clients to know exactly why they are in services and what they are working on. 

For the little ones, make very simple versions of the goals from their treatment plans.  For instance, you can make cards for their social skills to say making friends, or for learning cooperation skills you can make a card that reads following directions.

As far as your older clients, or adults really, you are going over their treatment plan every few months or so and they are hopefully aware of some of what they worked on.  I actually made a copy of their treatment plan, cutting it up and making cards.  These I get out every session, asking my client to go through them and ask what goal and intervention we worked on, asking them to be specific and use examples.  

I have also had clients who wanted to occasionally go through the cards themselves to choose what to work on for the day. Fine by me!

If your like me, sometimes you find yourself working on a lot of the same stuff with a client.  This will help with that, you will get to know each treatment plan very well, and will also help you and your client talk to parents about what you are working on.  

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