Saturday, December 15, 2012

Ring Ring!

I got so excited when I thought of doing this activity -Um, hello! Cup and string telephones=childhood memories galore! They can also be used to teach communication skills!

They are simple enough to make--Just grab some string and plastic cups. Pop a small hole in the bottom of each cup (not any bigger than the string itself, you want it to be a close fit). I used my trusty exacto for this step. Now, lace the string through the hole, tie a knot--do the same thing to connect a cup to the other end (of the string) and BOOM! Communication tool. Eaaaaasy! If you have a kiddo who has never seen these before, watching their little faces light up with excitement when they hear your voice through a cup=priceless!

If you have ever made these as kids, you'll remember the string has to be pulled tight (not enough to break but, enough to give slight tension) for sound to travel effectively through the string. If you lessen your tension--you can't hear the other person (see where this can lead?). I had my client think of times when he didn't communicate his needs appropriately (through a tantrum or avoiding). This is an example of when the string isn't working and the other person can't hear (have then practice this by trying to communicate while the string isn't pulled tight). When we communicate our feelings or needs in the right way, the other person can hear us clearly and react appropriately back (now practice communicating with the string pulled tight between the cups--Yay communication!)

These are SO much fun! I had a kick out of making them with my client--who kept trying to get me to take "phone calls" on the way back home. I told him I couldn't talk and drive so, he had to take the calls for me--Oh silly kids!

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