Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Right In Front Of Ya!

Ever have that moment when you go--'Oh Duh!'

I was thinking of posts ideas the other day and I said that exact phrase I thought of a feelings chart.

They are super simple, and super important. When I first start working with a client (especially a little one) I always make one for in session use as well as home.

Little ones are just learning their feelings language, having a chart with great visuals is pivotal and expanding their understanding.

You can make one out of magazine faces, drawn faces--anything you want! I have the parent put it up in the home and prompt/practice how to use it every day (through modeling and by encouraging the client to use it). Having one in session helps to reinforce what you are teaching and aid in the client recognizing those feelings in themselves.

I will do a 'check in' with the client at the start of each session and use the chart to help them identify where they are at. You can also use it throughout the session to help a client identify what they are feeling, when words just wont work!

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