Thursday, December 13, 2012

Feeling puzzled?

Help clients process mixed feelings, identify feelings, feelings colors or facial expressions in different ways! 

I used paper plates, but can really be made from any kind of paper, or even a real puzzle. This can also be done using magazine faces, or photos-taking photos of your client expressing different feelings and creating puzzles.

Keep the puzzles simple, making it easier for your clients to mix and match, or to process facial expressions in others without even realizing it. Gotta love those opportunities for sneaky learning!

Without realizing it myself, this activity served another purpose.  As we began to mix the facial features (for instance sad eyes with a smile) we were able to bring up ways other can put on a smile, but may be experiencing a different feeling. This also brought up that a smile does not always mean happy,angry eyes with a smile is another good example of this. 
You can then keep this activity with you for those tough to identify moments, building an emotions vocabulary-a similar concept in Stacey's feelings chart post.

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