Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Friend-Ship

Welcome aboard the S.S Friend-Ship!

Ha! I crack myself up!

This is a cute and quick little visual you can create with your client to continue education on friendship building skills and behaviors.

My client and I started by reading the book:  Ladybug Girl and Bumblebee Boy. By: David Soman

We reviewed the storyline and began brainstorming traits of a good friend. I then provided my client with materials to create their own "friend-ship." We then identified the parts of a ship and how, just as in our relationships, a ship has to be built strong to make it through the many travels ahead. We then identified behaviors we can exhibit as friends which will build our strong "friend-ship."

A strong main structure with no holes=sharing, not hitting or kicking, playing fair, etc....

The sail are your words, just like the air that moves the boat--what comes out of our mouths moves our relationships in the right direction....

We then created a sinking ship and further identified behaviors which "sink" friendships. 

       I mean common! These are just too cute! : ) 
Happy Sails My Friends! 

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