Monday, November 12, 2012

Shadow Puppets

Learning through play is extremely important for children, especially the young ones.  And as PSR workers, most of our job is to teach, and help kiddos learn in unique and creative ways.  Role-play and problem solving through the use of puppets are a great way to learn important skills to succeed!  

These puppets can be useful as an overall calming and soothing activity for little ones, but can also be used for role playing and story telling!  

Made originally for a fun activity for my nephew, I made the puppets based on a cute "Mini Whale" poem I found (here).  

Paired with simple shapes, these can be used to support other stories, using them to process friend skills, conflict resolution, emotions, and so many other possibilities.  Look through your books and activities, and find a way to use these to emphasize your lesson!

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