Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Point A and Point B.

So, every one of your clients makes the right choice all the time right? 

Oh, no? 
Well! Lets talk about some problem solving!

Ever played Yahtzee? Or Checkers? Of course you have! I love starting off the problem solving convo with these games--the kids don't even realize they are utilizing problem solving skills! Perfect set up!
Stop and really think about the moves you can take, throw S.T.A.R (stop/think/act/review) in there without them knowing, i.e "Ok, let stop and think, what happens if you move this piece/shot for a yahtzee..." You get the idea. 

After the games you can then do this simple visual! Begin by reviewing with the kiddo the steps we used to problem solve to create the best outcome, i.e. winning. Then I either introduce S.T.A.R/S.O.D.A.S any other problem solving trick you have up your sleeve OR review ones we have learned in the past.

To complete the drawing is easy peasy. First you can draw two separate points with a space in betweenLabel each object (or as you can see in the drawing each side of the mountain) one point A, one Point B. Point A is where we are starting...theses are they are struggling with. Point B are where they would like to be or their desired outcomes. In the middle there are always pitfalls, the things which will keep bringing us back to Point A.

Identify the (POSITIVE) steps you can take to get them from Point A to Point B. Also include behaviors/etc that can cause them to land in the middle (those dang angries!)

ALSO for this activity, you can go outside and get some real life action! Find a place with trees or bring two object to create two separate points. Practice both the positive and negative to see where your outcomes land! 

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