Thursday, November 1, 2012

More Monsters!

More monster? But Katie, Halloween is over!  Monsters are easy, using anything around the house, and kids love it.  These monsters teach them control, self-awareness, and is a fun way to teach them everyone gets angry, worried, or want to call people names, but that it is important to stop, think and use an outlet. 

These are just a few ideas of outlets for certain behaviors.  These monsters give a place for kiddos to put their worries, anger and name calling so they don't hurt others.  Refer to Tattle Monster for more ideas, but materials can be pretty much anything.  

This guy is made out of an empty ziploc box!

Worry monster: The worry monster can be a way for kids to write and put away their worries, but can also make it easier for some to express their worries if they want to share them.

Name-calling monster: The name-calling monster doesn't mind being called names, so if a child really needs to call someone a name, write or tell the monster!  This would be a great activity to go along with Mad vs. Mean.

Angry monster: Tell your angry monsters your angry, and he can help you calm down.  Write down coping skills for this guy, then when angry the monster will spit out ways to help your client calm down. 


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