Friday, November 2, 2012

Here I Come To Save The Day!!!

Remember you are working with kids right? Kids like to play around, play dress up--you remember. This is a great tool to get a client to understand coping skills aren't some boring thing adults make them do, it can be their tool to fight back!

I used the top of a shoe box--you really want to make this thing sturdy -I mean duh, you can't fight anxiety with a flimsy shield...pfft.

Same as with the masks, discuss with the client what a shield is used for and who uses them and when, etc. Connect the dots of our anxieties, fears, triggers, etc are the coming at us everyday and our shield (our coping skills!) protect us by deflecting them (best if you model this by making the deflecting noises--common you know what I am talking about!).

Have them create a shield with their triggers/anxieties/etc on the outside and on the backside (the side they hold close to them) have them put all their coping skills.

Now you can practice with some role play! *PEW! PEW PEW PEW!*

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