Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Friendship Challenge

The other day I created a quick challenge to help motivate my client to approach and interact with other kids.  I made some cards, categorized them based on the difficulty or level of interaction, then set up a reward system for completing them.

The cards included:

-smile at someone
-wave to someone
-say hi to someone
-introduce yourself
-ask someone their name
-ask someone to play
-ask someone a question about themselves
-volunteer something to tell someone else about yourself
-find something in common with someone 
-practice being flexible with play (meaning playing what they want to play, or switching games when they want to-this took practice and understanding)
-check on someone if they are hurt
-help someone if they need it

Tip: Make sure you have role-played these skills during other sessions so they understand how to practice these skills appropriately.  This works great for a kiddos who are in need of working on social skills, but really prefer to play alone.  

Along with the cards, I set up a reward system using stickers, the low level or easier cards being one or two stickers, then going up from there. I then determined a certain amount of stickers to earn a treat out of the prize box, or more free time.  

This activity was very easy to set up, and my client was successful, actually focusing on their prize more than their anxiety, and even seemed to help redirect them when rejected by other kids!

Happy friend making!

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