Sunday, November 11, 2012

Family fun reward chart

This is a great and cost friendly system, that involves different things a family can do together as a choice for a reward.  Color code different ideas for crafts, mom or dad dates, choosing from the prize box or getting to take a break on a responsibility.  Pair this with a reward chart, and add to the rewards they can choose as you or the family thinks of them.
Most of these are cheap or free, helping the family hopefully use the rewards more often-without hesitation of rewarding them for behaviors because it costs money...

Some ideas:

sock puppets
make a cape out of an old t-shirt
sponge painting
shaving cream
make a bracelet/necklace
buddy painting
the idea here is to do an activity with the child, giving them some one on one positive attention for their good behavior.

mom and dad dates
See mom dates post here

break on responsibility
stay up after bed time a few minutes
get out of a chore
get help with a chore

prize box
after Halloween, there should be some treats to add to a prize box, but you can also encourage parents to take a trip to the dollar store and add some toys or activities if they don't want to reward with candy too often.

Enjoy, and happy Sunday!!

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