Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Masks We Wear....

Understanding the layers of emotions is incredibly important to teach clients. This project is nothing new or fancy but, IS a great and simple way to get that conversation started!

Construction paper
Drawing utensils
Magazines to cut up
Random Art Supplies

Begin by brainstorming who wears masks --doctors, burglars, people in costumes--and why a mask is used--to protect or hide, perhaps?

Discuss with the client how sometimes people feel one emotion on the inside but, show another on the outside (masks we can't always see).  Brainstorm with them examples of times they have felt this way (or have seen it in others) as well as identifying why a person might try to 'mask' their true feelings. Provide them with materials and prompt the client to create a mask which represents themselves on the inside and the outside.

Our outside doesn't always match our inside and BUT through appropriate expression they can learn to bring the inside, outside in a healthy way *coping skills and communication set up, you are welcome!* Now you can use your mask for some role play practice!

Anyone know of a good children's book which deals with the concept of wearing masks??  I would love to hear!

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  1. There is a great book called, "A Bad Case of Stripes". It isn't a mask but the concept is much the same. I think the author is David Shannon but not sure.