Sunday, October 28, 2012

On the spot collages

If you have been following this blog for long, it shouldn't be a surprise that I enjoy collages... a lot!  Because of my love for them, I wanted to share with you an easy and more accessible way to collage without a lot of mess or carrying around a bunch of magazines!

I separated these materials into different categories, including animals, words, phrases, nature, images, funny, and random.  I looked through magazines, choosing anything that caught my eye, trying for soothing, positive and descriptive clippings.  I then stuck them in different labeled envelopes.

On the spot collages can be used for rough or hard-to-identify days, for building rapport, or for just a soothing activity.  This way of organizing clippings allows you to bring these materials out to create something quick and easy.

This can also be used as a regular, everyday journal activity at the end or beginning of a session for example. Working on a collage of the day, choosing any image or word that jumps out, finding ways for your client to describe their mood can help client's label tough emotions.

That's all for now, happy Sunday!

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