Sunday, October 7, 2012

Negative Nancy

Busy week! Sorry I have been slacking on posts...
So, this week I encourntered a client who was being a bit of a negative nancy--when I pointed this out to her I was faced with: "Whats a Negative Nancy?"

Well my friends, let me tell you!

This is Nancy...and all she thinks and talks about is Negative things.
Coloring utensils

First we drew an image of a grumpy girl then placed several thoughts/statements coming from her. I encourgaged my client to brainstorm with me and identfyin negative statements she has been making.

This was a really great visual tool to get the client to realize how "unpleasant" we can appear when we are negative. As the client stated to me: "Ugh! She is U-G-L-Y!"

After we processed the drawing and the effects of being negative (i.e. people don't want to be around you, you are always bummed out/frustrated, etc) we created a problem solving map to help change those negatives into positive outcomes.

 Pretty simple! Anyone else have some ideas to help clients combat their negative thoughts? I would love to hear them!!

Happy Sunday Folks!

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