Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I'm in a glass case of emotion!!

This can be made very easily, using anything to hold your cards up so the person playing with you can see, but you can't. Start by printing emotions faces (printables available on our Pinterest page).  Finding a way to hold the card, give your client clues to the emotion they have, such as "I feel this when," or using examples, stories, or behaviors associated with the emotion.  Altering cards to be used as feelings cards will be a good investment, for not only labeling feelings, but can also be used for other games like feelings bingo, feelings go-fish, feelings charades, you name it!

Feeling The Music

Computer/Boom-box anything you can play music from 
Drawing utensils 

(Optional):  Depending on your location when doing this activity, headphone might be a good idea. (you you don’t get kicked out of the library and it does help to let the client really focus on the music and not get distracted). 

Have the client clear their head and relax. Discuss with the client how triggers come in all forms (review the five sense and brainstorms triggers from each, i.e. the smell of banana bread reminds me of my grandma).
Explain how you will be playing music for them and while the songs are playing they are to focus on the song and draw whatever comes to mind. Now, play the music--chose a variety have some fast songs, slow songs, sad songs--give them at least a minute for each. 

When the song ends prompt then to write three feelings to describe the song. Review the drawings with the client, processing the feelings they observed. From here you can connect the idea of triggers in their world, identifying where those same feelings (from the drawings) are triggered in their daily lives. Of course, finish by practicing and reviewing coping skills!

Twisting time is here! 

Feelings twister, easy and fun while there are still a few nice days left.  Help your client label different feelings, making them into feelings color circles, or faces using chalk.  Play twister, sneaking in labeling and understanding of the feelings you choose, while role-playing and practicing coping skills! 

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