Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween is almost here!

A few fun and PSR friendly Halloween activities!

Halloween story dice:

This is a very kid directed activity, allowing them to be creative and tell their own Halloween story.  I found this free printable (here) and reinforced them with construction paper.  My client and I colored the printable, then created two more dice one with drawings of family and friends, then one with feelings.

We then took turns rolling as many dice and lining them up in the order we wanted, then told the other a spooky story or collaborating, one of us starting the story, then the other continuing!

Monster bottle caps:

These can be done as is, or as a magnet using anything you have in your craft box.  Googly eyes are a must of course, then let kids go to town making traditional monsters, or creating their own, which of course comes with a story or discussion on the monster's abilities.  This can take you into some interesting directions, discussions on your client's abilities, facial expressions recognition, scared feelings recognition, or ways to avoid having "monster" behaviors.

Reduce Re-use Recycle Monsters:

Fresh out of bottle caps?  You still use toilet paper right?  Create a monster out of anything you find around the house, paper bags, paper towel rolls, milk jugs, the possibilities are endless.  Though this is a Halloween themed activity, it is an easy way to work on behaviors or recognize emotions, like a worry, tattle or name-calling monster. With posts about worry and name-calling monster coming soon, the concept is pretty simple, giving kids an outlet to put these behaviors or emotions to be eaten up!

Some book suggestions to support these activities:

Glad Monster Sad Monster: A Book About Feelings
Go Away Big Green Monster
The Monster's Monster

And just for fun:
Haunted house play-dough mats:
Same concept as facial expression play-dough mats, but with an outline of a haunted house!

Tissue paper suckers

Black and orange friendship bracelets: make with beads and name a way to be a good friend for every bead.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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