Sunday, October 14, 2012

Feelings Guess Who

 I found the travel version of this game on sale at Wal-mart for $2.50, score!  Then just printed out an emotions page, (can be found on our Pinterest page here), then cut and glued them on to the cards provided.  

I left the other side so we can turn them around and play the original way.  You can process the emotions on the character's face, using these as prompts to play instead of the typical, "does your character have glasses, blonde hair," etc. as questions.  

If you have never played Guess Who, it is a process of elimination game, choosing one character, taking turns to eliminate all other characters using yes or no questions.  
Some suggested questions to be used for your emotions version can include examples of this feeling, specific behaviors involved or is does this feeling make you want to smile, frown, etc.  

Have fun getting to know those simple and complicated emotions.
Happy Sunday!


  1. Hello. I am really having troubles finding the printable emotions for this game. Could you help me out?

    1. Not a problem! You kind of have to scroll a bit on our printable board on Pinterest :) Here is the direct link to the pin Thanks for checking out our blog!