Sunday, October 7, 2012

DIY Board Game

Good Choice Bad Choice
Red Choice Blue Choice

A great way to practice recognizing behaviors, choices and practice coping skills is to create your own board game! 

poster board
game pieces (I usually borrow from another board game)

Set up for this game was to make four stacks of game cards made from construction paper. One being examples of good choices, a second of negative behaviors or choices, and a stack of practice or coping skills cards. The coping skills cards should be skills you can practice in the environment when playing the game.  Then last stack were a few cards that represent very unsafe choices such as running away from home, or threatening to hurt someone. Have your client come up with the examples on the cards, then how many spaces they should go forward or back. This will give you great insight on how they rate their behaviors, and helps them name examples of choices they or others around them have made.

The concept for our game was simple.  If you land on a red space, this is a "not so great choice," and depending on what choice was made, you have to go back that amount of spaces, bummer.  
The blue spaces, or good choices help you move forward in the game.  Good job you!
If you land on a green space, you get caught in the whirlpool, and have to choose a coping skills card, then practice to get out of it.
The "S" spaces are unsafe choices and requires the player to skip a turn while hanging out in the THINK or STAR area, naming the steps to these in order to rejoin the game.

We threw in a few move forward or back spaces to make it a little more interesting. First person to the finish has made the best choices- good for you, you win the game!

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