Thursday, October 18, 2012

Balloon fidget toy

This is a super simple, but effective tool that is soothing and works well as a fidget toy.  I'm assuming you still have balloons from your Angry Balloon or Stress Balls right? 

 Take one of those balloons and put a some water in it (not a lot, and warm water if you can), a water balloon works well because it is smaller, but you can also use a regular sized balloon.  Now this part gets a little tricky, and seems easier if you get the other balloon wet as well. Stick the balloon with water inside of the other balloon.  
Once that is done, blow up the balloon, not too big because you want it to be able to fit in a child's hand.  It swirl around perfectly and massage your palm! This will allow you to use it with your client as a fidget toy to focus while you read a book, or try an activity that takes some focus and patience!

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