Thursday, September 27, 2012

What bugs you?

So, I saw this adorable idea on Pinterest...which lead to to the cutest blog: The Learning Tree. Which also lead me to Becky Baily's website Conscious Discipline. Go check them out! Anywhoo--I haven't purchased the awesome kit she had on her blog (yet) so, this was my take : ).
I started with  reading the book  The Grouchy Ladybug. There is also another great book called Furious George Goes Banana's, which would be another great take on this activity (You could make a bunch of bananas and describe what makes them 'go bananas' (ha!) on the peels!!) 

After the story, we worked together to create a list of things that make them grumpy or 'bug' them. 

I wrote out the 'bugs' on the wings of the lady bug (or praying mantis as one chose) and coping skills under the wings (on the body)...kinda made it into a little hide and seek visual. They turned out super awesome! 

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