Friday, September 21, 2012

Pieces of ME!

My client and I are far from finishing this project, but I am just too excited to wait to share it!

This project- meant to work on self-esteem, self-awareness and building rapport with a client- is altering a puzzle with each piece representing a part of the client's life and interests.

Puzzle (Dollar store)
Mod Podge, or glue
Old books
Card stock

Really anything you can think to alter pieces that has a special meaning for your client. 

I have a collection of words, images and backgrounds I cut out beforehand to save time, but some clients like looking through magazines on their own.

I will post the puzzle when completely finished.  If you get ahead of me, and want to begin putting the puzzle together, take an exacto knife and cut around the piece as well as you can, then try sanding the pieces if they still don't fit.  Put the puzzle back together either in its original space, on cardboard, a frame, or on a piece of flat wood.  Then Mod Podge over it!

Like I said, I haven't finished and therefore experimented with the finishing of the project, but along with me you can start altering your pieces.

A VERY IMPORTANT tip before you begin: put your puzzle together, then flip it over and number your pieces on the back, this will make it much easier to put together at the end.


  1. Hi! Just wanted you to know that the link to view the inspiration does not work.

    1. Whoopsy! Sorry about that : ) We will get that fixed ASAP! Thank you for letting us know!